About Student Researchers

When asked to reflect on their experiences here are some of the things student researchers have to say about their experience serving through learning about Omaha. It seemed the lessons are multiple!

I am currently a freshman at UNO, majoring in pre-nursing. I find interest in the care of infants/children and how their initial care affects who they become as a person. It is interesting to me because the overall health of people is obviously a crucial part of life making it an important research topic. My personal experience with researching health and healthcare has been a tremendously eye-opening one, and I have learned a lot in the process. I think taking a closer look at sociology and healthcare together in the city of Omaha is beyond interesting and necessary. Doing research specific to your community is really educational. Whether the result of your research is bettering your community or just learning more about where you live, it is a beneficial experience.

Our topic “Rape and Consent” was initially worrisome. It’s hard to find factual data specific to Omaha. This topic is also somewhat of a grey area due to the differing definitions depending on geography. One of the biggest strengths of our group was easily communication. We had a Snapchat group and everyone communicated efficiently and effectively. When it comes to collaborating cohesively as a group, we may have been better off if we met as a group to tie all our research and sections together.  In the end, we really came together and we all did our part.

Although I was unable to attend the last few classes, I learned a great deal about teamwork and how to research and apply a sociological analysis to my findings. We would’ve been better off if I was able to attend a few of the classes I missed. In an attempt to make up for lost time, I frequently communicated with the group to know how I could assist others to make the process easier for our group as a whole. I thoroughly enjoyed your class. The content we reviewed early on in the semester allowed me to process information with a focus on our world and society. I appreciate the learning opportunity you provided. Thank you.

I feel like my group did pretty well with our study and writing up the paper. However, I feel like my group wasn’t the easiest to work with. They wouldn’t really communicate back with me when I reached out to them several times and would wait until the last minute, until, or after the due date to do something.

I think we worked well together and got things accomplished on time. I think some strengths of our group were we communicated well and put in quality work. I think the weaknesses were we waited until last minute sometimes to do some things. I think what I could do better next time is to try not to procrastinate. All in all I think everyone contributed equally and we did great work.

I think our group did ok. We never met outside of class. We only text each other but many times it will take forever to get a response. Our strengths is that each one of us did what was supposed to do and get the work done. The weaknesses is the lack of communication. I feel to do better next time we should meet more and actually have a good communication among the group’s participants.

Our group, I believe, did fairly well overall. It was little rushed at the end, part of this I believe was partially my fault for not showing up to that one class, and funnily enough the one class I missed seemed to be one of the most important of the semester.

This was one of the hardest groups I’ve been in and to be honest i can’t think of very many strengths. The only one i could think of is we got the project done. One major weakness is that we were never all in class at the same time to talk about the project and its really hard texting everything we need to talk about. Another weakness is that not everyone got everything done in time so it made it hard to get everything done that we needed to as well as having all the information we need to do our project. This would go along with time management, about 85 percent of the time things weren’t getting done when they should have.

All of our group members were usually able to get their work done but communication was a minor issue, especially in getting together the final paper. Some confusion seemed to also get in the way of us getting or finished product done. As a group we struggled to get another student to put forward all his effort and he seemed to not want help. I wonder if this was because he did not want to be a bother, but in the end it hurt our project.  Others were a big help in keeping communication flowing in the group to make sure everyone got the assignment done.

If I could change anything, I would try to stay on top of my own assignments so I could help other group members if they needed it in the end. I would have also taken more specific notes on assignments and how they needed to be done to send to the group since ever class it seemed like at least one of the group members was absent. In the end, procrastination and miscommunication were the biggest issues we faced as a group. Especially procrastination on my own end.

I think everyone did good. I usually hate group projects but the four people in my group all did their part. Sometimes, I felt that our communication could have been way better in terms of if someone had a question, it was not always answered. All in all, I believe it was an easy (kind of) project because you showed us step by step what to do.

I feel like our group did really well communicating via a group chat in order to stay on point with our project. Everyone was good about doing their part and staying up to task throughout the project. This was a group that was actually nice to be a part of. 🙂

I loved my group! We never fought or argued. I enjoyed working with such lovely ladies. Our strengths were getting our assignments done by the deadline and understanding what the professor asked of us to do. Our weaknesses were waiting last minute to finish our essays and assignments. We all worked together great! I would be a better listener for sure next time.