The Effects of Media and Technology

Tahani Al-Alawi, Molly Simon , Hamza Al-Ahajri,Luis Miranda-Perez,Taher Al Habsi



Do you think that social media has a significant impact in our life? Nowadays,  the vast majority of individuals use distinctive applications to be reached with their families, companions, and organizations, which that made extensive contrasts throughout our life. The online networking today has changed our entire life. There are numerous individuals pondering if online networking has helped us in a good or bad way. Everyone has an alternate supposition in online networks, and it turned into a dubious issue to be talked about. Nobody can deny that people have confronted a ton of contrasts as a result of the online networking applications. Thus, despite everything people ought to acknowledge online networking as a result of numerous reasons. For instance, today through your advanced cell you can think about the news of the word, additionally you can be in contact with your long distance relatives. The study guarantees that not all individuals have same sentiment about this issue, and to outline that more, the study has pursued distinctive articles that demonstrates distinctive considerations of essayists on the same subject which is about social media. “People do not have a choice on whether people do social media, the question is how well people do it?” Erik Qualman.

This study collected data about technology from eight videos on Youtube. The study’s data was broken down into five main themes: Technology ,social media, education, change , and health. These topics were talked  about in the eight videos and scholarly articles. The themes talked about how the media affected the education system throughout the history. The study had a pre-coding sheet that included all the information found in the videos to make it easier to focus on the main themes that had been chosen.


Education has been developed by technology industry over the last 20th century. The schools are trying to use more and more technology. For example, one of the newest technologies that serve education personalized learning, which could change the typical classroom. According to Impact of social media and technology on literacy and learning, this new technology allows students to access a large source of information and it was not available a long time ago. New technology has enhanced education for sure employing ipads instead of the traditional textbooks in school can be one of the successful ways. A new technology has appeared, which is using of the social media and education that allows teachers to communicate with both student and parents easily. The education has experienced a significant expansion with the goals of improving and performance access by technology. This development has been manifest by practical advances in hardware and by inventions in media. Now a days, the distances between teachers and students have not been an issue for the education departments (Uebe).

Students in the U.S use technology and social media stages for both in everyday life and education to benefit their ways in online learning. According to Albert article, incorporate social media in music classes can benefit to facilitate learning practices. Though, issues such as confidentiality and cyber bullying endure to make educators cautious of using social media in official educational sceneries (Albert). Technology influences individuals’ day by day lives. Whether it motivates some person to be the expert at video games or makes some individual a PC programmer. It has changed the era of teenagers and children quickly. Social media presents news, information that might not be accurate. Social media does not have enough facts to say that it’s making our present bad readers. Everyone has a different thoughts and opinion about using of social media. Some people do not make relationships on social media applications, because they assume that there is no chance to make a real friends through those applications. In fact, nowadays most of people using  phones to check e-mails, messages, and news that related to  work or businesses. Furthermore, the most of businesses are using social media to advertise their products, which that made a lot of changes on our life. Actually, there are many benefits of using social media in businesses, which those benefits affected people and businesses.


Social Media

Social Media is something of the 21st century and how many families across the world communicate but now there are a few teachers debating if they should incorporate it into the classroom setting. Few teachers are already accepting the change and having student’s blog, tweet, and use other social media sites to have discussions with other peers in different states. Other teachers argue that incorporating such sites might not be a good idea because students would miss use the privileges given to them. Some good points brought up in video 8 are the experiences in other countries and regions are using social media to influence education.

Today, the majority of people cannot stay away from their smart devices like smartphones, laptops, iPad, and televisions, which that means they’re  usually staying online. Moreover, according to (we are social website)” Almost 42% of the world’s population has access to the internet in January 2015” so that can show us about how people engaged with social media in the last years. Obviously, today half of the people in the world use networking for many reasons, for instance, communicating, chatting, searching, or trading through the internet. In addition, the study assume that the technology of social media helped us too much to interact with others. In fact, there is introvert, and extrovert people in our life, and totally they have differences in the ways of interacting with others. What the study knows about introverts that they cannot interact without shyness. they always want to stay with themselves, also introverts most of the times cannot express about their creativity in front of others. However, when they interact in the social media apps, they become creative, and innovative people behind their screens. Moreover, “Social media of all kinds has become such an important part of our society that looking at it in a negative way will only set us back. As  society must push forward and continue to incorporate social media in more positive ways. Social networking sites have been categorized as both beneficial and consequential to offline contact. Although the study believes that it can be mostly positive, in some cases, both sides can be true; however, the effect that social media has on each person in this world is always different and can only be looked at on a case-by-case basis. The future of social media is also highly unknown. According to each company’s respective reports, in March 2013, Facebook reported having 1.11 billion active users, Instagram reported having 100 million users, and Twitter had 200 million active users. These numbers have experienced immense growth even in the past year alone. This just proves the fact that social networking is a rapidly changing field, and even if people solve the question of how current social media affects interaction, more questions will continue to arise as these sites continue to change. So now the question remains: Is our society really ready to harness these new social media technologies to our advantage?” (we are In fact, many people think that social media technologies are causing different issues, in other side the study assure that, if people use them wisely , there will not get the negative impacts. To illustrate more, the study has chosen  Facebook as an example, according to Stephen Marche “Our online communications become engines of self-image, and self-image becomes the engine of community” so the author’s opinion is extremely right, and that shows the audience of the importance of using social media applications.



Education can solidly be connected to social media and technology. People can use social media and technology to improve education and to enhance student’s learning. Students nowadays can use IPads, mobile phones and laptops to study, which are considered as advanced technology tool that could serve education successfully. According to Michael Horn, people can change the typical factory classroom model and make it more personalized by using technology. Students will be able to learn from any teacher they want in anytime that suits them and they will be able to improve their skills and knowledge using different available online websites. Furthermore, technology can be a great internet supplement for the learners(Impact of social media and technology on literacy and learning) students now are able to find any information available materials all over the internet which that only can  be accessed by using technology.

Moreover, a positive results came out from Tulsa Middle school experiment. The students received an IPad and used them as alternative of the regular textbooks. The outcome results showed how the IPad can make the students more engaged to the class, avoid problems and show up early to the school. The results completely shows the power of technology in schools education. People can’t deny the social media rule that it has in education, students nowadays are able to use twitter and exchange blogs, information between different classes groups and among themselves as well, which can improve their function in school.

In the scholarly articles that the study collected, many teachers believe that media and technology nowadays is not  disruptive when it comes to using it in classrooms and education. However, a few consider it as unusual. According to Young people, New Media and Education: participation and possibilities “many countries are trying to take advantage of digital media properties to develop the young people understanding and expand them even more through different online activities and games. These activities can be used in class or outside the class.” Another focus in to increase their communication abilities and command knowledge by using interesting symbols and colors and different languages to attract the young people and increase their interest. Depending on these scholarly articles, social media and technology is definitely important to education and the advantages are reaching many felids in student’s life.


The Change

As the years go by generations will only keep moving in a direction where many things will change. Change has been occurring since earth first started in this universe, the study’s go from prehistoric eras to our current generation who’ve been raised to learn how to use Laptops, smartphones,and Tablets. The study found changes that current generations are going through and point out some pros and cons.

Having a change can and has been proven to have its up’s and down’s. Nowadays, new teaching methods have been brought into school systems for example applying: social media, technology, and teaching methods. New millennials are being raised in a different way that previous generations weren’t exposed to. The study’s have found that change is the biggest key for different generations and school systems. For example in the video “What the internet is doing to our brains” Dr. Dennis Gayle is starting to incorporate a learning style called blended learning. A learning style different from previous years. With blended learning teachers are more of a mentor and students are the mentees who get to learn in a way students feel more comfortable.

Some of the pros that go along with this study is how students are engaging, performing, interacting more amongst each other. Data according to Michael Horn proves that students engage and have been more proactive in classrooms and have improved on their tardy’s. Mr. horn mentioned in the video that all students and teachers were provided an Ipad, and the outcome was the significant  changes that had happened to the school.

Lastly like anything else there are cons just like there are pros. In the video “What does social media have in education” a teacher who had their students adapting to the learning style where they could use  technology and social media but weren’t using them properly. So in other words the reinforcement of how social media and technology can be more efficient in the classroom, rather than  something that will not just serve as a distraction but as a resource that will help for the best.


Media and technology impacts our lives every single day, but how is it affecting our health? Some may say that it isn’t, but they are wrong. Throughout this research project the study’s have come across many interesting videos proving or disproving how effective media and technology really is. However, one video titled “5 crazy ways social media is changing your brain right now” shows that 5-10% of people who use the internet cannot control how often they get online. The video also states that the internet along with its users are addicted to being online, much like a drug addiction. Although unlike a drug addiction this addiction to being online is a psychological addiction rather than a substance addiction. Some internet users even show similar brain scans of those on drugs.

There is no doubt that using of technology can be a reason that affect people’s thinking on their life. In fact, a lot of people think that using technology can change our thinking negatively. Using technology can change human thinking negatively. The study assure that if people control ourselves that will prevent us of getting wrong and bad thinking ways. Plus, many people say that using of technology can destroy our children’s thinking, according to endodermal webpage “Using technology can change a child’s brain. An article in Psychology Today says that the use of technology can alter the actual wiring of the brain. More than a third of children under the age of two use mobile media. That number only increases as children age, with 95% of teens 12-17 spending time online. The time spent with technology doesn’t just give kids newfangled ways of doing things, it changes the way their brains work. For example, the article says that while video games may condition the brain to pay attention to multiple stimuli, they can lead to distraction and decreased memory. Children who always use search engines may become very good at finding information—but not very good at remembering it. In addition, the article said, children who use too much technology may not have enough opportunities to use their imagination or to read and think deeply about the material.” In the other side, the study realized that using technology with children can make them smarter than children who do not use technology. Nowadays, the majority of children who use electronic devices get a lot of information about different things, for example they can play some games that help them to learn new languages, and they watch some cartoons that have great ideas to make them thinking deeply to understand the story of the cartoon. According to psychology today webpage “There is, however, a growing body of research that technology can be both beneficial and harmful to different ways in which children think. Moreover, this influence isn’t just affecting children on the surface of their thinking. Rather, because their brains are still developing and malleable, frequent exposure by so-called digital natives to technology is actually wiring the brain in ways very different than in previous generations. What is clear is that, as with advances throughout history, the technology that is available determines how our brains develops. For example, as the technology writer Nicholas Carr has observed, the emergence of reading encouraged our brains to be focused and imaginative. In contrast, the rise of the Internet is strengthening our ability to scan information rapidly and efficiently.”

Moreover, there is most likely the web has extensive advantages to our general life. It overwhelmingly supplies us with an unfathomable range of data basic to our creative ways of life, giving us the flexibility of rapidly gazing upward data and having answers for arrangements. People generally utilize the web to enhance our own particular profitability, investigate our hobbies, what’s more, also it builds our capability to investigate and to be advanced in people’s thinking.


In conclusion, using technology made a lot of significant changes. Some of those changes are right and positive and/or negative. However, Innovations and using of technology impact on our day by day lives. In addition, our surroundings are all so loaded with technology to the point that more often than not people underestimate it and never really see the level of effect that it has on us until when people have no phones. Progressions in technology have extraordinarily expanded our expectations for everyday comforts. Technology influences individuals’ day by day lives.